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Type40 is a UK reseller of Scenarist Blu-ray and DVD authoring software. We can supply single licenses or complete packages depending on your needs.

UK Based Support

We offer support contracts for software upgrades and technical support and our support team are all UK based, meaning we're here during the working day when you need us.

Experience in authoring

All our team have worked in authoring facilities as part of teams delivering commercial titles, so we know how important having the right tools and support can be. We're here to help should you need us!

What is Scenarist?

Scenarist is the industry standard in both UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD authoring software. It has been used to make many of the most successful Hollywood titles. Over time both versions have been enhanced to include excellent features and intuitive workflows. With Scenarist UHD you can create stunning HDR 4K Blu-rya titles, while with Scenarist BD you can create both standard and 3D titles and Scenarist SD allows you to create both NTSC and PAL DVDs.

We have created a FAQ section below, but if we haven’t answered your question please get in touch with us either through the form or telephone numbers below and we’ll be happy to help!

Do I need separate Scenarist SD and BD licenses?

Yes, Scenarist SD and BD are separate programmes and so a separate licence is needed of each one.

Can I get support and training for Scenarist?

Yes, both support and training are available through our support contracts or separate training programmes.

Do you sell Totalcode/Cinevision licenses?

Currently we don’t sell Totalcode/Cinevision, but we will update the website if this changes.

Can I buy Scenarist Designer PS separately?

Yes, Scenarist Designer PS, the plugin for Photoshop that helps create Blu-ray menus for use in Scenarist BD is sold as a separate product.

I don't have the latest version of the software, can I buy an upgrade?

Yes, you can purchase a one-time version upgrade to take your software up to the latest release.

Why Type40 Solutions?

We work with you to find the best solutions and packages for your needs. Type40 have many years experience in the digital video domain, particularly working with the Scenarist family of products. We are DVD and Blu-ray authors at heart, so have used both the blu-ray and DVD authoring software in practical situations to make discs that have received commercial release.

As we’ve already mentioned, we’re UK based as well, so are on the same time as our clients. We are just a phone call or email away, offering priority support to our support contract customers.

  • Scenarist DVD Authoring Software


Scenarist UHD

Scenarist® UHD is the worldwide standard for professional UHD Blu-ray authoring software. Enabling facilities to author 4K UHD Blu-ray titles in both SDR and HDR, Scenarist has been used on most of the available commercial releases. For more information please contact us.

Scenarist BD

Scenarist® BD is a comprehensive suite of powerful Blu-ray Disc creation tools that provide your business with everything you need to deliver stunning Blu-ray Disc titles. Scenarist is the choice of Hollywood's top Blu-ray Disc creation and production facilities due to its unique combination of powerful authoring and a tried-and-tested multiplexing engine that powers the majority of commercial Blu-ray Disc releases. Create Blu-ray titles that set you apart from the competition. Scenarist provides creative professionals with non-abstracted direct control over the creative behavior of their Blu-ray titles with unique cell-level access to the Blu-ray Disc command set.

Scenarist SD

Scenarist® SD is the worldwide standard for professional DVD authoring software. Combining industry-leading power with field-proven player compatibility, this DVD authoring software frees you to take full creative advantage of all that DVD has to offer. Intuitive DVD interface design and a productivity-oriented workflow make everyday tasks easy, while deep specification support gives you complete cell-level control over your title's interactive experience. Packed with exclusive features and backed-up with expert support, Scenarist is the true professional authoring software for DVD business success.

Scenarist Designer PS

A powerful Photoshop® plug-in that puts Blu-ray menu creation and design where it belongs - in the hands of the graphic designer - and enables an efficient and productive Blu-ray workflow free from menu layout errors. Designed to seamlessly integrate with both Adobe® Photoshop® and the Scenarist Workgroup, Scenarist Designer PS enables the fastest and most efficient design-to-author workflow possible for HD DVD and BD. Featuring exclusive optimization algorithms and support for both Windows® and Mac OS X, Scenarist Designer PS is the design tool that every Blu-ray Disc designer can’t afford to be without.

Software Update Support Contract

You can purchase a support contract to just cover the updates to the software as they're made available. This keeps your software up-to-date and covers all software updates and bug fixes for a period of one year.

Technical Support Contracts

We offer technical support contracts that give you access to experienced professionals with indepth knowledge of the Scenarist products. It provides a priority software support identification code to access Scenarist support services, a special priority support phone line, private support email address, and access to Scenarist technical FAQ library for a period of one year.


If you need training on any of the Scenarist family of products we can offer this to you as well as the software itself. All our team have years of experience using the software and are very familiar with the best techniques to help create both SD and HD discs.


The Scenarist Blu-ray and DVD authoring software we supply is all shipped from the U.S. and supplied on demand. As this is the case the price you pay depends on the exchange rate at the time. We would suggest getting in touch with us today for pricing for any of our products or services.

TYPE40 have years of experience with Blu-ray and DVD authoring software. We can help you find the right solutions!

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